→ Andrew Hale - 18 - FC: Dave Franco - District Five - Open

→ Bio: Andrew is not, unfortunately, the brightest crayon in the box. He can’t concentrate on anything for more than thirty seconds and he gets distracted very easily. Although he has a good heart and very imaginative, people call him stupid or crazy, and that hurts him. He’s tried to be smarter but he struggles due to his dyslexia, and sometimes he gets frustrated with himself. He doesn’t do well in school and he can’t keep any jobs and his mother didn’t really know what to do with him. The doctors said there wasn’t anything wrong with him and she worried that maybe she’d done something wrong.

When his name was called at the Reaping, no-one knew quite what to say. A few people thought that it’d be such a horrible loss for his mother and the rest hoped that his death would be quick; no-one but his mother had faith in him. Physically he’s very strong and fast, and he can handle some weapons which was a small small comfort, but not even his mother is sure how he’s deal with the Games.

Personality: Andrew isn’t very smart, that much is true. He struggles with reading and writing because of his dyslexia and he gets distracted very easily. He daydreams a lot and tries hard it be like others, but sometimes it isn’t good enough.

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